Every week, I drive Hunter to soccer just over 20 minutes away. I’ve done the drive so many times it has become routine. I know every landmark and curve in the highway. Nothing looks new or interesting – the landscape is dull and mundane.

That is until just before reaching the soccer complex. It’s out in the middle of nowhere (for now) and there is farmland and dairies stretching for miles. It really is beautiful and such a stark contrast to the desert landscape we typically see.

One night, the sunset caught my eye. The sky was blue, the sun was glowing orange and it was setting on the horizon of a green farm field. I don’t know what it was exactly, but for just a moment, it felt like Idaho. Its not very often this place reminds me of my childhood, but this particular day had all the feels. I just needed to hear the sound of the large sprinklers rotating to make that memory complete!