Over a year ago, our church made a change as to when youth progress within their respective classes. It used to be when you turned 12, you graduated from the primary program and went into Young Mens and Womens. For boys this is also when they received the priesthood. The change that was made now has everyone progressing at the same time at the beginning of the year they are turning 12.

Its hard to believe, but Hunter is turning 12 this year! Which means it was time for him to leave primary. He’s never felt so old and at the same time looked so young!

Two weeks ago Hunter received the priesthood and was ordained as a deacon by Steve. This is something Hunter had studied and prepared for and was really quite excited.

It was tender to have our little family gathered together, including both sets of grandparents, as Hunter took such a big step in his life. He is a special kid and he is going to do great things in life!

And because it was such a special occasion, Hunter pulled out his special socks. He was hoping they would offer luck to the Packers. They might have helped the first game of playoffs but they offered no luck last week for the NFC Championship game. Even with their loss, he wears them with pride! Once a Packers fan, always a Packers fan.