I find it reassuring when I attend parent/teacher conferences and I come to realize that the teachers truly know my children. Not just their names, siblings they’ve previously had or their test scores, but really know them: Their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick, what motivates them, who their close friends are, how they socialize with others, what they could use help with.

I walked into conferences this week and fell in love with our teachers all over again because they knew my kids. They know that Hunter is playful and likes to joke around and they dish it back to them. They know that Bennett is a rule follower and look to him to lead in the class and they love his wit and humor. They know Cannon is tender and loves to help others and give him opportunities to do so.

Yes, we talked of their education and how well they’re doing in class, but the conferences seemed to be less about how they’re doing as students and more about how they’re doing as humans. They really know and love our children and there is nothing better than feeling of someone’s love for your kid.

We have hit the teacher jackpot!