We’re throwing it all the way back to the week before Christmas when every kid had a program/recital/tournament!

Briggs had his first Christmas program with his preschool and his teacher does not mess around. I was a parent helper, helping the 50 (morning and afternoon class) kids switch costumes – it is not for the weak! Almost every song required a costume change and the teacher expects a quick change. I think I documented most of his holiday outfits. 🙂

And they always have the best, most realistic Santa. Briggs was really examining him.

Cannon had his kindergarten Christmas program the same day. Although there weren’t any costume changes, he was just as excited as Briggs to perform for us. And they were both excited to have Steve’s parents as special visitors.

It always about this time in the month that I start to wonder why in the world can’t we space these Christmas programs out and do some the first week of December as well!