through Christmas break!! And all the kids head back to school tomorrow!

I saw a meme half way through the break and it alluded to never knowing what day of the week it is during Christmas break and I couldn’t agree more. I feel as though the kids got out of school and it was the final preparations before Christmas, parties, family gatherings and finishing off the Christmas bucket list.

Christmas came like a freight train that left us disoriented and then my brother and his family showed up and every day someone seemed to be asking what day of the week it was! We were all over the place.

We put Christmas away this weekend and the house suddenly feels empty – however there’s still a layer of stubborn glitter on every surface!

I need my kids to go back to school so my house can stay clean longer than a half hour and so I can get a break from Christmas break! Who’s with me?!

Bring it on 2020.