You have to know that for every one picture of a happy smiling family you see on this blog, there are 7 pictures that look something like this: Aaron’s thinking putty melting into our new carpet…because this is real motherhood.

My kids love this putty. In all reality, I think I love it more than the kids. I keep it at my desk and play with it as I’m thinking and working at the computer. It’s my fidget spinner so-to-speak. You can imagine my concern when I sat down at the computer and saw the empty tin. My mind started racing – I know I had seen that somewhere outside of my office. I went to the kitchen and remembered Steve had been playing with it on the counter the night before. But it wasn’t there and he claimed he left it on the counter. I started questioning all the kids.


One of my children gave me a concerned face when they realized they knew where the putty was. I was walked back to the playroom where said child sheepishly got on the floor and pointed under a piece of furniture. It had been rolled into a ball and somehow rolled under the piece and it was left to melt.

Yep, this is motherhood. It’s seeing a blue blob on your carpet and frantically searching google in hopes that someone has been in the same predicament. (Which there’s usually someone, right?!)

I worked on this spot for a long while. I pulled off as much as I could and then started using rubbing alcohol to slowly remove sections of blue. My panic started to increase as I used the rubbing alcohol and the dye from the putty started to transfer to the carpet. But I just kept working it. Once I got all the putty out, I was left with blue stained carpet. I got a clean rag and started apply more alcohol and wouldn’t you know it – most of that blue came out. My child nervously watched from a far and was pleased to know he wasn’t going to be banished to the closet under the stairs…at least not today. There is however, a current ban on all putty in the house. No one under the age of 18 will stretch, or touch or even think about putty. Ban is indefinite! 🙂

Thank you google! And please Aaron’s thinking putty – please add this solution to your frequently asked questions because they question was listed, it just didn’t have an answer!