Every year I post new printables for kid’s Valentines – and every year I tell myself to consolidate them in one place so they’re easier to find the next year.

This year I finally made that happen. Years of Valentines with the printable downloads all in one place. You can find them all HERE. There’s been a few valentine’s cards that kids wanted to re-do but for the most part we start from scratch every year. This year is no different and when we finally get them done I’ll post them on the download page.

And because I couldn’t resist: A picture of Hunter writing his name as a preschooler on all his Valentine cards. It took him so long and we’re in the same process with Briggs right now. (Side note: We still have that sweatshirt and Briggs has started wearing it. It’s made it through 4 boys which is pretty impressive although it has a much more weathered look now!)