If there was a quote to describe me it might very well be this: (from lollyjaneblog instagram)

I keep thinking one day I’m going to love going to gym. So many people I know love going – it can’t be that bad right?!

We have a brand new fancy gym that just opened around the corner in December and Steve thought it might be fun to join so we did. Neither of us have every exercised regularly at the gym and evidently he thought proximity to the gym was the factor. After three months of a gym membership I can confidently state it wasn’t proximity to a gym that has kept me away all these years. In 3 months I’ve managed to go 3 times. Quick math tells you I’m averaging once a month, which is probably not worth it. But I’ll probably give it another month and make a goal to go at least twice.

I’m realizing it’s just never a priority for me. I have friends go before the kids get up for school and that’s just too early for me.

I have friends go during Briggs’ preschool time and I’m not willing to give up that precious time of errands or working.

The only other time that would even be an option is after kids are in bed. (which is the only time I’ve actually made it there!) But even then I have work projects or other randomness that happens at night that makes it less than ideal.

Clearly, it’s not a priority and I’m okay with that. I’ll longboard around the neighborhood, school Hunter and his friends in basketball, and play pickleball before I’ll ever make it to a gym. Maybe in my 40’s it will suddenly become more interesting – crazier things have happened. Until then, please pass the fries.