We spent Sunday evening outside watching the Super Bowl with friends – half of our family cheering for the 49ers, half of the family cheering for the Chiefs. (I think the only way we will ever be united in cheering for a Super Bowl team is if the Packers or Cardinals ever make an appearance!)

As far as games go – it was interesting and exciting until the very last minute – which is exactly what I would hope for in a Super Bowl.

After a great game and some awesome commercials, I wasn’t entirely surprised that the conversation the next day was heavy on the half time show. It proved to be controversial and it had both sides buzzing.

We watched some of the halftime show and at some point realized it wasn’t anything any of us wanted our families watching so we turned it off. So even as I read some of the controversy, I wasn’t entirely sure what they were referring to because we didn’t end up seeing most of it.

What I don’t fully understand is why when someone (or in this case a whole lot of “someones”) choose to speak up and to share their dislike for it they are suddenly viewed as intolerant. They are shaming. They are racist. And more than anything they hate and want to hold down all women. (Said with all the exaggeration of all the crazy comments I read). Can’t someone share a dissenting opinion? Can’t someone say they love the singers but didn’t like the show? Can’t someone say they think the show went too far? Or even claim it was not family friendly and should be rated accordingly?

Although this example relates to a particular event, it is indicative of our society and the hatred that seems to be simmering just below the surface. We are so quick to bite at people who share a different opinion or moral view. We are quick to find offense in any and all comments and more than anything we seem to be looking for a fight. Let me tell you – you will always find a reason to fight if you’re looking for it. And I think we can all agree that the anonymity on the Internet is huge factor in our growing problem. People are picking fights and saying things online that they would never say to someone they know.

The internet is too convenient for opinion and even more inconvenient for love.