You would think the more I work with wood and the more projects I do – the better I would get! My latest project, a barn door, is proof that is just not the case. It doesn’t matter my experience – I always seem to mess up something in my projects. Usually it’s easily fixable.

This project, however, just about did me in! Perhaps I’m a little rusty and out of practice but every step of the way I seemed to mess something up and then had to backtrack. This should have taken an afternoon to finish…instead I managed to carry it out over several weeks. WEEKS!

I’m pretty sure I called my dad after each major issue and he just laughed at/with me. I had to laugh, or else I would cry. And then he’d give me feedback as to how to fix it. I just kept plugging away and Steve patiently waited for me to clean up my mess in the garage.

It sat in the garage finished for over a week. Steve asked why I wasn’t installing the hardware (the easiest step out of the whole process) and I told him I was afraid I would mess something up and I didn’t want to damage the door I had finally finished. I finally installed the hardware and you better believe I made a mistake that I had to fix. It sat for another couple days untouched. It was a cursed project from the beginning. Clearly I need to get back in the saddle soon and freshen up these skills!