Our afternoon was consumed with Valentine’s sprawled across the kitchen counter, and me telling Briggs for the 15th time to keep writing his name. (26 cards for a 3-year-old is a lot of work!)

I typically like to get these done well in advance but this year we’re getting them done just in time – but they’re done. Hunter was the last one to finish tonight (no picture yet). He’s in fifth grade and at a stage in life where he doesn’t really care enough about Valentines to put much effort into them, but at the same time has a strong opinion. There was no way he was going to use the “I Pick You” card. The dinosaurs were too kid-ish. We talked about goldfish but even that wasn’t working for him.

He finally decided to do the kool-aid packets we did a couple years back and of course, I couldn’t find them anywhere. So he landed on blow pop suckers and was only slightly embarrassed that the saying was, “I’m a sucker for you!” Can’t wait to see what he goes for next year!

Bennett couldn’t have been more excited about his card – and I created it with him in mind! It just screams third grade boy!