I’ve never claimed to have a refined palette. I don’t need fancy food. I eat when I’m hungry…or bored…or stressed…but not because I crave food. Even when I eat, I have very low expectations – no one is asking me where I want to go to dinner in a group setting! So with that disclaimer – let me share two outrageous things I tried this week- that I know classifies me as a child!

The first is Cotton Candy Captain Crunch. I’m ashamed to admit I really do love captain crunch (even though it tears up the roof of my mouth!) and when I was at the store this week and saw this box – I thought how perfect is this – Combining my love for cotton candy everything and captain crunch. I ended up with two boxes, one for Briggs’ birthday bucket and one for myself. It was far better than I expected and yes I will buy it again.

The second thing I know I’m going to get heat for is liking peeps. Yes, I know there are cotton candy peeps and yes I think they’re wonderful. But these caught my attention while shopping with Hunter and we decided to give them a try. I know if I use the word “delicious”, I will be mocked. But they were beyond tasty, perhaps my favorite peeps so far. Word on the street is there is also a hot tamale version which I’m sure I’d love as well and I’ve been trying to track them down.