In our family, when you turn 4 years old, you get your first friend birthday party and it’s kind of a big deal. Briggs has been talking about his party for some time – what he wants to eat at this party, who he’s going to invite. It’s been a constant conversation. His birthday was before spring break but his friends were busy so we pushed off his party until after break. Little did I know the world would look a little different.

His party is no longer. I would say it’s postponed but by the time we can actually gather again in groups he will have forgotten about it all together. In fact, already, he hasn’t mentioned it since spring break. So as much as it kills me to not throw the party – its just not going to happen. One of the many things that has change rapidly over the course of the last two weeks.

Luckily, we celebrated him as a family so he’s not totally missing out.

He loved his birthday bucket and all his goods – the best way to start the day!

When friends would ask him what he got for his birthday the first thing he always mentioned was his very own BIG gatorade – a simple reminder that four-year-olds are easy to please!

I’m happy we made it to McDonald’s with a couple of his friends. We’ll look back at this fondly and refer to it as the McDonald’s themed party!

Hallie made a special gift for Briggs. (Let me just say she’s the absolute best). She photoshopped their heads on to a PJ Masks picture – they will forever be Catboy and Owlet – its their thing!

We gathered the Sunday before his birthday with Steve’s family and he got the traditional family birthday song and he loved the attention – but he loved the sugar cookie cake even more.

It’s good to be four!