We no longer have a three-year-old in the house!

He woke up early and has been bouncing off the walls all day long in excitement. It was one of his top 4 birthdays for sure.

When we brought Briggs home, we knew he was the caboose and that alone makes him unique in our family.

Here’s a snapshot of our new four-year-old:

Briggs has a big personality – he reminds me most of Bennett at this age. Everything is big and loud in his little world.

He loves his friends. He’s more social at his age than any of our other kids – probably because I don’t have anymore little kids at home and I can facilitate all his little play dates.

He’s quite the little reader. His preschool teacher is amazing and he’s already read 25 books in the last couple weeks.

He loves saturday morning cartoons. You would think the youngest would watch more tv than the others but its quite the opposite. I don’t have to distract him as often and we’re not often around in the evenings so he lives for Saturday mornings when he can wake up and watch some toons.

He always wants to be near Hallie. He wants to eat dinner next to her. He wants to read next to her. He wants Hallie.

He goes to bed so easily for me – but he gives others a run for their money including Steve, Hallie and even my mom when she was visiting. He knows it won’t work with me!

He loves playing Sorry, trains, micro machine cars and magformers.

He gets dressed by himself and for the life of him can never find two matching shoes despite me asking him to put them in the bucket by the door every time we walk in the door.

He loves his primary class at church (or Big Nursery as he calls it) and likes to impress his teachers by giving answers.

He’s dramatic. Slumped shoulders. Pouty lips. Sad eyes. He’s got it down.

He’s at a great age. Squeaky little voice. Dirty little feet. Pants usually falling from his small waist and always wanting to wear a zipped hoodie.

He’s just what we needed.