We’ve spent the last several days in Mexico for Spring Break – it was a great trip with great friends. And then the rain started to fall yesterday. The thing with this area that we like to visit is – it doesn’t handle rain very well. The dirt roads turn into mud pits and at times make it impossible to pass through. We know the routine – we’ve been here before when we had to leave a trip early to ensure we got home okay.

We kept watching the weather and even drove on the roads to see if we needed to leave last night – we figured we’d be okay to wait until morning. Perhaps another day of rain would’ve done us in because the two mini vans in our party struggled to get to paved roads as it was. We did some sliding (as if we were on snow) but our vehicle sits on a taller frame and we fared better than the rest of the group. Although our car had seen cleaner days. The mud caked windshield made it look as though we had gone on a 4×4 adventure.

When we got to the border we had an agent warn us they can turn us away with a car as dirty as ours – but they had mercy on us and we found a car wash promptly after crossing. Even with a car wash we’re still finding mud. Never a dull moment.