We’ve embarked on the social distancing journey – keeping our circles a little smaller than we’re used to. I hope this isn’t long term! (Big Sigh)

Still trying to figure out how all this works. We were informed late last night that school is cancelled for at least two weeks. Unfortunately, our district doesn’t have a great online program already in place, so we’re still waiting to hear how this is going to work out.

My kids were disappointed to learn that homeschool starts tomorrow. We’re coming off of spring break so they’ve had plenty of time to play and decompress – tomorrow we start working around the house and some sort of home learning regime. I have never been one to even entertain the idea of homeschool and yet here I sit at the computer trying to figure out what online math programs can offer enrichment for the time being. And Hunter is begging for a two hour PE class.

We had church at home today which turned out great. Steve and I both taught and Hallie and Hunter provided an activity for the younger kids. I’m thinking next week Hallie and Hunter can teach the lesson.

We saw our good friends walking by our house this evening and of course we had to go out and talk to them. We kept a good 6ft distance but it was a little hard for the youngest kids to understand that distance. They kept pushing each other telling one another they’re too close. And then they wanted to play tag. We’ve been with this family all last week so at this point we’ve shared all sorts of germs already.

Thank you Disney + for adding Frozen 2, it was the perfect family movie tonight.

We’re fortunate to have beautiful weather right now. We are in our best weather season which means we can be outside all day – I think it is going to be necessary to stay sane around here.

Steve and I both work from home – so no change there – although throwing 5 kids back in the house may drop our productivity levels just a bit.

What’s funny is it’s been a long time dream for me to be stuck in my house – I love being home! I have a never ending list of things I can do while at home and I’m never bored or stir crazy. However, my dream didn’t involve having to teach and entertain kids while being stuck in my home! Let’s see how day 2 goes.