We watched church on tv this weekend – which would normally be a break in our routine from attending church regularly. But with this pandemic we’ve had church at home a couple of weeks so watching it on TV today wasn’t too far from our routine lately.

I was talking with a friend at the end of last week about life right now. We both agreed there’s been some great moments in all of this. And of course there’s been hard moments. And even when it’s great, there’s still heaviness that looms at times. She’s worried and uncertain about stuff, and I have my own thoughts taking up mental space.

It’s just unprecedented times we’re experiencing and we’re all doing our best to navigate through it. As I was watching conference this morning I heard this quote and immediately text her – it was the perfect period to our conversation.

Today may seem hard (especially now that school is cancelled for the rest of the year!) but the future is full of hope.