These are our days.

The days of quarantine homeschool.

The days we’ll never forget – but I figured I might as well snap a picture to aid in my memory.

Computers and ipads are in high demand these days. Hallie and Hunter have overtaken my office with their school work.

Briggs, Cannon and Bennett sit at the kitchen island and do their learning activities. Briggs’ preschool teacher has gone above and beyond and I’m going to credit my sanity during this time period to her online preschool class. He is totally occupied and it gives me the much needed time to focus on teaching/helping the other kids.

All the kid’s teachers have done their best to adapt and roll with it, and even then, they’re just providing resources for us to pick and choose from. We’re making the best of the situation and I’m fully taking this opportunity to understand my kid’s needs in school. Never have I had a better understanding of how I can help with their learning environment and learning style – not to mention where they need additional enrichment. It’s eye opening. So far it’s been a positive experience and no one has been expelled!

Here’s some resources that has made our quarantine/home school manageable:

A big shout out to Khan academy for teaching my kids math – there’s not a lot of fluff with their program but I really love it.

Art for Kids Hub on youtube has saved me many times – art class is the highly anticipated class that all the kids enjoy together.

DuoLingo is keeping my spanish speakers engaged, I think it’s time for me to start spending time on the app.

I grabbed a free class code on instagram for Stop motion kids camp and it’s kept my older kids entertained for hours. I love they are learning new skills.