In a news environment where most everything is meant to scare or induce fear – our family is finding the real winners on the internet these days are…memes. Every day my kids want to know what the funny of the day is.

In my scrolling of social media I have come across some funny things – there are some seriously creative people out there – and they bring a smile to my face daily among the doom and gloom news articles. I screenshot the things I come across and then share them with the family.

For whatever reason, this one struck my funny bone and I still giggle when I read it. I saw this at a time when our state had just locked down (although our family had already willingly shut down two weeks before that) and other states were debating whether lock downs would apply to their state. I just picture the entire United States as a pool with some states choosing to be the “warm section”. 🙂

As someone who owns a pool – we choose not to have a peeing section – it’s better for everyone involved! Although some of my kids may think the whole pool is a peeing section!