Towards the beginning of our isolation, I came across this picture called “Home” from and it spoke volumes to me.

picture from

Perhaps it was the darkness of the clouds juxtaposed with the brightness of the sun and flowers. At the time I saw this, things were feeling heavy mentally and emotionally as we were adjusting to kids being out of school and a not so optimistic media (which I ended up having to tune out.)

Perhaps it was seeing the strength of both the mother’s and father’s arms holding the home up. Although sometimes it feels like one of us is holding up the home while the other takes a much needed break and then they step in just when your arms feel as though they’re going to give out.

Perhaps it was the abundance of flowers. So prolific. So much growth. Even amid a dark storm, things grow. We grow.

Perhaps it was the mother holding that baby tight and sheltering them from what was outside. All that child can see is sunshine and flowers despite the storm brewing.

Perhaps it was the mother and father’s backs pushed up against each other as if to say, “I won’t let you fall.”

This picture now hangs in my office and it will forever remind of this time period. Of course it will remind me of the storm but more importantly it signifies growth – not only for me personally but growth within our family.

Today, more than ever, I am grateful for the four walls we call “home” and everything that has been created within.