Just another day in paradise. 🙂

She finishes her Spanish class tomorrow – she couldn’t be more excited.

She’s counting down the days until school is out so she doesn’t have to sit for so many hours in this exact spot.

The problem is she has a high school summer school class she’s working on as well that doesn’t end anytime soon. She debated taking the class at all. Nothing like online World History – no video lectures, just pages of information she has to read and do assignments on. It was either this or wake up early for A hour next year. (If you take Seminary, a religion class, and do a sport you have to make up the credits either through summer school or through A-hour classes for two semesters in order to have your credit load work correctly.)

Evidently she dislikes waking up early more than summer school. She may change her mind after a semester of summer school!