Steve is the life to my kid’s party. He plays at their level. He says yes to ice cream. He cooks them breakfast. He makes up the pool games that keeps the kids busy for hours in the pool. And he can never turn down a child who asks for a bedtime story.

He plays board games with them. He coaches them. He teaches them the importance of investing. He encourages a love for sports.

I joke that he is “cool dad”. So cool that he’s been practicing his awesome dad jokes which the kids have always loved and now he has a 14-year-old daughter who he really plays up the cheesy jokes for. It’s their thing.

And what do you get a cool dad? A long board of course! So now he can stop stealing his kid’s boards. The kids were pretty excited about their gift – so excited, Hunter was questioning whether he should get this new board and his dad can have his hand me down!

Steve is a deliberate and engaging father. I love that he has made the kids one of his favorite hobbies. Fatherhood looks good on him!

Fathers Day