Briggs’ preschool teacher gives 110% and there was no way the quarantine was going to change that. She recorded youtube videos for every lesson and carefully packaged kits for every kid to do fun sheets and projects – the same projects they would’ve done had they been in class together. She even continued the reading program that has been so successful with my kids. She is some kind of wonderful.

Part of the end of school celebration always includes the best little ceremony/program. Knowing it wasn’t an option, she let us know we could pick up their packets on her front porch. I should not have been surprised to find it decorated for these excited 4-year-olds. He was looking forward to picking out a stuffed monkey for participating in the reading program. Can you ever have enough stuffed animals when you’re four?!

You are looking at a first year preschool graduate! A little boy who couldn’t even hold a pencil going into school, who came out reading 90 books. I’m glad he has another year with her before we bid farewell to our preschool years.