Today was a great day. This kid has been waiting patiently for his turn to start school. Everyday his siblings have logged in and attended school and he kept asking when he would start. Today was that special day. And what made it more special was that his was in-person – his siblings are a little jealous.

Last year when we dropped him off for his first day he cried and cried. This year, he said goodbye and shut the car door and didn’t look back. A year makes all the difference!

I’m not sure who was more excited about today, me or him! He has been surprisingly good over the last month while his siblings have done school from home, but he loves to hop in and out of their videos and be silly in the background. Preschool will be a great break for him outside of the house.

The theme for his preschool this year is Trolls. Every year it’s a new elaborate theme and the teacher goes all out. Including sewing personalized backpacks for each of the kids and she even included a brush so they could brush their troll’s hair. She does everything next level.

He is going to be heaven – preschool with his buddies – life could not get better for this 4-year-old!