…a little late! Sometimes it’s just more convenient (and more fun) to celebrate your birthday on a day rather than your real birthday. That was the case for Steve this year. But we celebrated all the same!

I only wish you could know this man. Yes, I write little snippets and share anecdotes. But truthfully speaking, nothing I write could portray his gentle soul and the kindness in his heart.

Here’s some fun facts about Steve.

He has a sweet tooth – he prefers chocolate, chocolate chunk, peanut better – all in one treat!

I think his most used gift that I’ve ever purchased for him has been his Bose noise cancelling headphones. He’s always loved them, but he has a new love for them now that the kids are doing school at home.

He loves the Wall Street Journal and reads it 5 days a week.

He always finds the person in need. It doesn’t matter where he’s at or where he’s going – he’ll find the person stranded on the side of the road, or the person who forgot their wallet at the grocery store.

He was a pole vaulter in high school – definitely not a lifetime sport!

He’s only owned two cars since high school and they were the exact same make and model and even color.

He’s a fish out of water – he loves all the water sports and games.

There is no doubt he is adored – if you know him, you love him.