I’m sure anyone that has walked into a store lately has noticed the change of scenery. Barricades help patrons enter and exit safely. Loud speakers announce to the parking lot the dangers of COVID (which comes across as very “The Capital” from Hunger Games!) Signage in the window reminds us that masks are mandatory. Scattered throughout the store is additional signage reminding us to social distance. Stickers lining the flooring showing the direction of traffic. And the signs of COVID are proudly displayed above every portable hand sanitizing station.

As a graphic designer I can appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into creating and producing all the extra materials the stores have had to display. Which is why I appreciate it even more when they have some fun with it. Hats off to the designer for an ice cream place we visited – their display was creative and informative – I now know that one cow is a safe social distance!