One year ago today, we were delivering a world class birthday party to the hospital for one of Hunter’s friend who had been severely burned and who had just come out of being in a coma for weeks. We gathered friends, made posters of his face, brought treats and games. All in an effort to show him of our love and support. (Not sure how much he actually remembers from that day because he was pretty drugged)

Its amazing the difference a year can make. Surgery upon surgery. Never ending physical therapy and laser treatments for life. I’m sure it’s been the longest year of their life, but there has been so much progress. I remember the first time taking him to lunch at the school to see his buddies after a therapy session at our house. He tried so hard to catch the basketball and then used all his strength to try and make it to hoop – always falling so short – but all those boys were chanting his name. I get goosebumps just recalling that specific moment because it was so tender to see their sweet relationship cheering him on.

I was reminding Hunter what we were doing a year ago today and he pointed out it’s a good thing it was last year and not this year because coronavirus wouldn’t have allowed any of us to visit him at the hospital. He’s right! We had some very special experiences in our visits with him both in and out of his coma – I’m grateful for those treasured moments that we share.

A happy birthday indeed.