It’s Sunday night and I already have the Monday morning blues!

We are four days into the school year and it feels like a lifetime. I’ve had a pit in my stomach all last week and through the weekend. I’ve talked with the principal. I’ve talked with the teachers. Unfortunately, nothing they said eased my concern – if anything it heightened them. (So many concerns…but a minor one being our district has purchased an online learning program that they will continue to use even after we return to school. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the flexibility to cater to varying levels within subjects. It doesn’t matter if you have mastered all the math benchmarks, you can’t move on, you must stay within the system. On the flip side, it’s going to be infinitely harder to identify those in need of remedial help.) Something tells me this situation may not be a good fit for all my kids and I’m wrestling with ideas of how to make it work.

Remote learning. It has been the topic of every conversation. Every thought. Every breath. And it’s been a little overwhelming. We went to dinner with friends over the weekend and I had to preface the outing by stating we would not be talking about school, or anything related to it!

Luckily, my kids will be fine. They are taking it in stride and rolling with it. They don’t know of the worry and concern bubbling just below the surface. This week is their first full week with full length classes. They will start to dive into the purchased curriculum.

I so badly want this to work.

Fingers crossed.