For over 5 months we’ve had church in our home due to the pandemic. Every Sunday, the kids bathe, get dressed in their Sunday best, do their hair and then line up their chairs in the piano area. We’ve done our best to replicate what a traditional Sunday looked like in the past, and hope to return to it as soon as we’re able.

However, there is one thing that looks a little different during home church – no one seems to wear shoes! It was never spoken about. I think perhaps the first week the kids wore shoes and then realized there wasn’t much of a need. So they stopped. Every Sunday, I see these little feet dangling from their chairs. And I love it. I love to see Hunter and Bennett dressed in suits and ties…and bare feet.

You know what’s funny – for whatever reason, Sunday mornings always seemed more hectic when shoes were involved. Inevitably, it was always Sunday morning when a child claimed their shoes were too small and there was absolutely no way they could wear them. Of course, lost socks and shoes were all too frequent occasions and it left us scrambling as we were supposed to be walking out the door. I can’t forget the rubbing – Sunday shoes always rubbed them wrong and they would be seen dramatically walking to the car. There is no doubt our life has been made more simple with getting rid of the shoes altogether!