We celebrated a special birthday boy this weekend.

His day consisted of the birthday bucket and putting together his new lego set.

An intense and somewhat physical soccer game.

Birthday presents with very enthusiastic and helpful brothers.

And a quick run to dutch brothers and swig for a birthday treat before watching a movie with Steve and Hallie.

Here’s a snapshot of Hunter on his 12th birthday…

This kid loves life and he makes life fun.

Friends are one of his top priorities and he has some great buddies.

He is determined and has drive. We always tell him what he lacks in skill he makes up for with grit.

He loves the ocean. He loves the lake. He loves to long board. He loves sports. He loves to be active.

Surprisingly he still loves legos and still asks for them as gifts. We have buckets and buckets of legos and yet they always seem to make his gift wish list.

He’s good with math and money. He understands the value of the dollar and is learning and practicing how to make that dollar work for him. Last weekend he mowed our neighbor’s lawn, then did two hours of yard work for his grandpa and then did another job for a different neighbor for 6 hours. He’s excited to invest his money!

He loves clothing, socks and hats. Many boys his age don’t care much about that, but he does. He loves a new hat and Stance socks!

He’s mastering the Rubik’s cube. He’s able to solve it in 53 seconds and just got a new cube for his birthday to shave some more time off.

He’s always been playful and he’s starting to learn the balance between playful and teasing (thank heavens!)

He still gives me hugs and tells me he loves me whenever I drop him off – even in front of friends and I absolutely adore him for it.

Happy birthday buddy!