I was cleaning out Bennett’s closet when I found a basket on the very top shelf. I was in a purging mood so I pulled the basket down and was surprised to find a basket of pacifiers.

I’m not entirely sure how long they’ve been up there, but we haven’t had a pacifier user for over 4 years – so clearly it’s been a while. Something tells me it was before Briggs because we knew Briggs was the last and we purged everything as soon as he outgrew something.

But here a basket sits to remind me of years gone past (thankfully). It reminds me of scrambling to find a pacifier as we were running out the door. Or having a child drop their pacifier while in their carseat and no monkey arms on earth could reach it while I was driving. Or laying by the crib with my hand against their chin holding the pacifier in so they could fall asleep. Or having it fall from their mouth to the ground over and over again and simply wiping it off and putting it back in their mouth (totally not COVID friendly!!). Or buying every pacifier known to man in hopes that a child would take it. (as you can see from the picture we found one that generally worked). Or ripping off the bandaid and taking the pacifier from our children on their first birthday and never turning back despite the struggle. Yep – these pacifiers have some stories.

And evidently those stories have been sitting on the shelf in Bennett’s room for years and now we are more than ready to part with them!