When we did the kitchen remodel almost two years ago we recognized a leak in our patio ceiling. We knew we wanted to add can lighting to the patio so we took the opportunity to rip out everything since we were already in construction mode. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took for me to address this eye sore. However, it wasn’t on me entirely.

We quickly had someone come out to repair the roof by tearing off the old roofing and installing a new patio roof. I had the enough foresight to wait until a large storm passed through before I closed it up to make sure there weren’t any surprises. We live in Arizona and it’s not as though we have a surplus of rain falling from the sky so we waited months for the first storm to roll around. It’s a good thing we kept it open because our newly repaired roof was still leaking. Over the course of a year, the same company came back three separate times to repair it and I waited through two large storms before I called it good and was wiling to close it up.

And then I debated what material I should use and that took another couple months! 🙂

Covid was the best excuse to get it done. I suddenly had more free time than I knew what to do with and I went to work ripping down boards and installing them. It was hot. It was exhausting and I wish I could say it’s finished, but it’s not. I got it primed just before we left for the summer and now it’s far too hot to even consider painting it. So it’s still mocking me as an unfinished project waiting for some lipstick!