Even though we’ve been in “school” for a month now, Labor day weekend always seems to signal the end of summer. We’re still suffering through triple digit weather and will be for a while, but mentally summer has officially ended. In years past, Labor day was the start of fall: Fall sports, fall activities and the hope of cooler weather.

Although so much has been different about this year, today still felt like we were saying goodbye to summer. A late afternoon swim in the cooler pool water was just the signal I needed.

Summer felt abnormally long (especially when kids had been home since the first week of March!) but it was good to us. And just like we enjoyed summer – we’re moving on to fall which looks drastically different than we ever imagined – yet something tells me it will be good to us as well.

Steve watched a college football game today that was being played without spectators, so there is a glimmer of hope for the fall! 🙂