I was scrolling through some old ipad doodles when I came across this quote that I made earlier this summer. I’m not sure why I doodled it months ago but this is something I just told one of my kids this week. It’s a conversation I have often with my children. It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else does so amazingly – and yet we each have our own amazing gifts. Each one of my kids has unique strengths and opportunities for growth – but one thing that they all share is innate value.

We teach that we can all do amazing things – this applies to every one! Although sometimes those amazing things are much more simple, they don’t have to be grandiose to be amazing.

Want to know what my amazing thing was for the day – feeding a family of 7 in shifts! We were eating in shifts tonight due to schedules (Tuesdays are always the worst). I fed Hunter before he left for soccer. Once I got him out the door, I then fed the only two kids at home: Briggs and Cannon. As we were starting to clean up, Hallie walked in the door from tennis, ready to eat. An hour later Bennett walked in from soccer ready for dinner. I got everything cleaned up. Then Steve returned home from meetings and was ready to eat. Cleaned it all up again. Of course Hunter returned home from soccer and was ready to eat again.

Its not always like this, but today it was (thank heavens for an easy taco bar) – and I’m going to file it away as amazing. Sometimes our amazing things are just a reframing or paradigm shift. But when we look for amazing, we’ll find it!