Our church shut their doors for in-person worship the second week of March. For 30 weeks we have been holding services in our home with our little family.

Like anything, we had some adjustments in the beginning. We hadn’t ever conducted church at home and it was good to figure out what worked for our family and luckily we found a really great rhythm and have had some really tender moments.

A couple weeks back it was announced that we would soon be able to return to in-person worship in our church building with significant modifications (limited numbers, fewer pews open for seating, no singing, masks and no additional break out classes). If I’m being honest, I was a little sad at the thought of missing out on our home church. I’ve really grown to love the time we’ve spent together and the unique experience that it was.

But today we returned to in-person and it was just as great as I remembered. As much as we love worshiping as our little family, there is strength and power in worshiping with others. It was so good to walk back in those doors and see familiar faces, some of which we have not seen since March. It was powerful to feel the spirit of those around us and those speaking. It felt familiar – not totally comfortable with all the modifications – but it felt familiar none the less.

However, we’ve got some work to do! We’re a little out of practice of making it out the door dressed by a certain time but I’m hoping it comes back to us! It was also a good reminder that on top of our spiritual growth, we’ve had some serious physical growth over the last couple months and I’m adding church clothes and shoes to my shopping list.

We won’t be attending every week in-person, so we’ll still enjoy a few more home church sessions but it feels good to be back.