It’s been a big week! As if heading back to church wasn’t exciting enough – our kids are also back in school all day, every day. (In my excitement I am happy to overlook that it is early release all week long!)

I really did think this day would come much sooner than it has, but I am happy none the less.

The longer the district remote school went on, the harder it was to buy into the idea of it being a suitable replacement for in-person school. And just when I thought it couldn’t be more inefficient or unproductive, the kids started modified two days a week in person which I’m convinced provided even less instruction than the remote option. I’m pretty sure Hallie has done more in the last two days at school than she did the last two weeks. It is a much needed change after a 6 month hiatus.

Big props to the teachers – they have been fantastic throughout it all – especially because the administration has not made it easy for them (or the kids.)

I’m not naive to believe this situation won’t continue to change. But as of this week, I’m happy. My kids had a teacher standing before them teaching. They used paper and pencils. They did assignments that didn’t require screens. The environment is vastly different than what they are used to (so many modifications) but they are all so eager to return each day and learn. For that, I am grateful.

Grateful for teachers who stuck it out when it was downright miserable.

Grateful for children who have been resilient in a relatively unstable environment.

And even more grateful that my house stayed clean for more than a few minutes, even with Briggs roaming around the house!

Now let’s just hope every one stays healthy!