We have a tradition of taking kids to Disneyland by themselves when they turn 7-years-old. Cannon knew this and has been looking forward to this birthday for that very reason. Then 6 months ago Disneyland shut down and Cannon was in tears. And we soothed those tears by telling him that there was no way that it would be shutdown on his birthday. Wow – were we ever wrong! He shed a couple tears again last week when one of his siblings reminded him that he wouldn’t be able to go to Disneyland for a long time.

But Disneyland or not – he went ahead and turned 7!

He requested donuts for breakfast. McDonalds for lunch. Dutch Brothers smoothie after school. And white sauce macaroni and cheese for dinner. He sounds like he’s 7 huh?!

Here’s a snapshot of him at this age:

Cannon has always been a little more on the quiet side, but with age he’s finding his voice.

We just had parent teacher conference and the teachers described him as the class helper – he has learned the art of helping his classmates without giving them the answers. The teacher shared that she often hears him helping another student and teaching it the same way the teacher originally presented the concept. He’s fully embracing this role.

He loves to read – He’s working his way through the bookcase.

His best friend is a little girl in the neighborhood and they are just about the cutest things. Every day he’s asking if he can play with her.

He prefers that Steve put him to bed – I’m not sure what makes Steve so good at the job but I’ll gladly admit defeat.

His hair has been unmanageable since he was a newborn – and it’s not getting any better.

He’s one of the two kids in our family that consistently gets car sick on road trips.

He’s sensitive – just like his father. The other morning he was saying the breakfast prayer and he prayed for our neighbor who is having some health challenges. In the middle of the prayer he was so choked up it was hard to understand him. He has such a big heart and hurts when he knows others are hurting.

He’s a very content child. He loves to go and do and yet he’s equally content at home finding something to do on his own.

He is such a great playmate for Briggs – Cannon comes up with so many games and activities and Briggs is just excited to be invited to the party!

Happiest of Birthdays Cannon!