We had big plans for fall break. We were supposed to be in Washington DC with friends – all 15 of us. I think our plane tickets were changed 4 times since the date we purchased them. In the end, we could get to DC but none of the museums we were interested in seeing were open. So we pulled the plug and made some last minute plans up to Utah.

Part of our time in Utah was spent exploring Bryce Canyon. It had been years since both Steve and I had been there and none of our kids had been. We still have young kids so when this idea was first thrown out I immediately went into research mode making sure there would be things we could do as a family. I’m happy to report that Briggs’ little 4 year old legs walked every step.

We hiked the Navajo loop and Queen’s Garden Trail, Inspiration Point, and Bryce Point (really just a look out). The Navajo loop was almost a 3 mile hike with steep switchbacks in the beginning and just as awful switchbacks at the end. (Surprisingly, we did not hear any complaints from the kids on the switchbacks. There may have been some complaining on the parents part due to aching knees hiking down into the hoodoos!) Jolly ranchers candy along the trail made for some happy hikers.

The weather was warm during the day, but manageable. (I can’t imagine visiting this place in the summer time – it has got to be toasty on these hikes without much reprieve from the sun.) The color was a brilliant red/orange and although the horizon was smokey, it didn’t detract from the grandeur. It really is quite unique in its beauty.

Southern Utah is so beautiful with all the red rock – Bryce, Zion, Moab, Canyonlands – and yet each area has such a distinct look and feel. The hoodoos of Bryce (tall pillar-type rock formations) are like nothing you’ll ever see.

With the ages of our kids, we only saw a small portion of the park but our kids would love to go back. Luckily we live close enough that it’s a real possibility we’ll make that happen.