We celebrated our favorite daughter – a daughter who continues to disobey her father’s orders to never grow up. She is now 15 years old and counting down the 6 months until she can get her learner’s permit to drive. To be honest, we’re all counting down the days until she can drive. I’ve heard many people say 15 is a hard stage because the kids are active and have social agendas, but they can’t get themselves anywhere. Which means it’s a full-time job getting them to and from all the places they need to be. Although its not quite that bad – I get what people are saying. Luckily, we have a village that help her to get to and from. A neighbor that’s a senior takes her to school. Friends from the tennis team that drive often bring her home. On the weekends parents take turns picking up and dropping off. It’s manageable – but another driver will be much appreciated.

A 15-year-old snapshot:

Every weekend there is some plan to be with friends. Sometimes both Friday and Saturdays.

She loves to shop. When she gets home from school and sees that Briggs and I went to Target and Bath and Body Works with her – she’s offended! 🙂

She always has painted fingernails, but rarely paints her toes. Which is opposite of me.

She wears jeans to school – even when it’s 110 degrees.

She plays tennis two times a week – which will likely shift as she heads into basketball season shortly.

She has very pure intent, she doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. And she’s always concerned of other’s feelings.

She’s a little shy – yet she’s chosen friends who aren’t very shy and it’s made all the difference for her coming out of her shell. She has some great friends and they just keep making their circle larger.

She has a phone which is a new thing for her this year and she manages it well. She’s on a lot of group chats but rarely speaks up. However, she is getting better at answering texts!

She avoids confrontation at all costs. I’m trying to inject a little bit of fight into her – not enough to change her personality but just enough to stand up for herself.

She loves the lake. She loves to longboard. She loves to snow ski.

Her brother’s have no idea how good she is to them – probably too good to them!

The best part is she’s only relatively moody which for a teenager is a total win! 🙂

She is such a light in our home.

I’m not sure why every one is starting to rain on my parade and remind me of how little time left she has in our home! Seriously – I think I’ve heard it three times this week!

We’re just going to take it day by day and enjoy our moments.

Happy Birthday Hallie.