Cannon was getting concerned that he was turning 7 and he still hadn’t lost a tooth! All of his friends had lost teeth and he still had a mouthful. Last week, at the first sign of a wiggly tooth, he was so excited. And he was determined to get it out. He is my fourth child to lose a tooth and I still despise the process of losing teeth. Kids always want to show me how loose their teeth are and it really disgusts me. I know moms that love helping their kids get teeth out – I am not that mother. I was happy to return home from running errands and Cannon flashed me his toothless smile. Bless Hallie for helping him when I wasn’t around!

The first tooth is such an exciting experience. His tooth fairy was even punctual which has not been our experience in the past.

You can imagine my surprise when he told me two days ago he had another wiggly tooth. When it rains, it pours, am I right?! He worked on that thing constantly and I was happy to wake up this morning to yet another tooth missing (how lucky was I to avoid both teeth this week?!)

This evening as I was ushering kids to bed, someone reminded Cannon that he needed to put his tooth out for the tooth fairy. He went to the counter where he last saw it and it wasn’t there. He asked Steve and Steve had given it to him this morning and Cannon had put it on the edge of our kitchen island. This morning. He left it sitting on the edge of the island for hours. The island that was wiped down more than once. Not surprising, he couldn’t find the tooth. Our best guess is it was wiped off into the trash. I could see it in his eyes: the disappointment and fear of missing the tooth fairy.

I quickly jumped into miracle mom mode looking to save the moment – because there was no way that tooth was going to be found. I suggested he write a note saying he lost the tooth. He looked at me with all the skepticism of a first grader. He wasn’t buying it until Hunter and Bennett chimed in saying they too had to write a note to the tooth fairy at one point or another. Cannon didn’t ask any other questions and didn’t request any help. This was the note that was left:

Luckily, we have a very understanding (and yet often forgetful) tooth fairy!