Anyone else wish they were at the beach somewhere…anywhere right about now!? I do!!

I got a call from the school nurse yesterday. In today’s covid world, that is a scary call because if a kid is sent home for sickness, they aren’t allowed back at school unless they get a negative test which takes days.

I was relieved when she said Cannon fell off the swings and hurt his foot and was unable to walk. Not ideal, but not covid!

We usually wait a day or two before heading to a doctor in a situation like this. In Bennett’s broken foot case we waited 10 days because he kept telling us he was okay.

But Cannon was in a lot of pain and waiting a few hours didn’t seem to change that. Not to mention he had a bone on the side of his foot that was protruding out more than usual. We got him in for x-rays and miraculously it wasn’t broken. Seriously strained, but not broken. But could take weeks to heal.

He got wrapped up and sent home and I thought just the idea of knowing it wasn’t broken may help him feel better. But hours after he went to bed he was up in the night crying in pain. This morning he so badly wanted to go to school, but he couldn’t even walk. Not even the slightest of pressure. And when I told him he needed to be able to put a little weight on his foot in order to even get to school he tried his hardest to push through. Ultimately, he was left crying on the couch in pain. So he had a home school day. He watched movies, did puzzles, played games with Briggs and worked on a school project.

I think he realized it’s boring to stay home with mom! We’re both hoping he can make it to school tomorrow.