Today is the day!!

We’ve already checked the box and our ballots have been submitted.

I’m not overly confident we’ll have answers on our elections tonight (at least some of the local elections – I’m sure we’ll be waiting anxiously for results, school board in particular).

But today is the day that the political ads stop. A round of applause please! Is anyone else tired of the advertisements? Getting mail used to be fun and now it’s just a big heap of political mailers. I didn’t realize how many advertisements were on the radio (mostly local/state elections) until we heard Cannon quoting the ads. “XXXX is a liar, she lies”. “XXXX pocketed fifteen million dollars of our money for his business.” You know when your 7-year-old is quoting the ads verbatim it’s time for the election season to end!

We had a great talk with our kids tonight as to why tomorrow is such a big deal and how presidential elections work with electoral votes. We also reminded them that regardless of who wins – we pray for that individual to lead and guide our country.

Hallie noted that in the next presidential election she’ll be able to cast a ballot. What in the world?!!

Happy Election Day!