Steve and I found each other when we were young and college students. We like to joke that we were willing to take the plunge because we were somewhat naive! 🙂 And although there may be some truth to that, we were committed. That commitment has been the glue in our relationship. We both have our peaks and valleys (fortunately, usually not at the same time!) and we handle them very differently, but we’re committed.

Although we have things in common, our personalities are far from common. We think differently. We work through problems differently. We relax differently. But in all our differences, we complement each other. We are a strength to the other’s weakness.

We are justice and mercy; we are good cop and bad cop.

We have created a life that is full of laughter and adventure and with it comes worry and frustration. But we work at it – and even after 17 years, our marriage takes time and attention and work. But we’re committed and that is what I’m grateful for. We are both willing to work at it.

We make a pretty great team!