A couple days ago, I was catching up with a friend when she asked how our family was doing and how the kids were doing. I replied that we were all doing well. But it didn’t seem like quite the right adjective to describe us right now. I continued, “We are in the golden years of parenting and it’s pretty amazing.”

You see, for a family our size, there is a very small window where we have everyone at home, and yet we’re not tied down to a baby. For the first time in years, parenthood seems manageable. Which seems a little odd because I view parenthood like a bell curve and we are at the peak of that curve, but it’s fun. Having a high schooler is so much better than I could’ve imagined. And not having to change diapers anymore is everything I dreamed of and more.

These are the years we will look back on with fondness. The excitement of Christmas morning. The family hikes. Discussions at the dinner table. All 7 of us.

I am grateful for this stage of life. It is busy and a little chaotic. But these are the “golden years of parenting” and I’m not about to wish them away.