If you look through my library of images, you would see an abnormal amount of sunset pictures. (If I was a morning person I would be cataloging sunrises as well, but I’m not and haven’t witnessed too many sunrises!) I’m not sure why I keep taking pictures of them – it’s not as if I do anything with them. But I love capturing the light and every sunset is unique because of the light.

When we did our kitchen remodel, I was set on a wall of windows because I wanted more light in our space.

When we are at the beach, you better believe we are going to spend the golden hour enjoying the last minutes of light before it hides behind the horizon. Every. Single. Night.

I love light. (Both literally and figuratively!) I love how light reflects differently on different objects. I love how light changes the color of objects. I love how things sparkle with light. I love the warmth of light on my face. I love light filtering through a window and dancing on the floor.

Light causes me to pause. When I walk by Hallie and Briggs reading on the couch and the light is filtering perfectly through their faces to illuminate their book, I pause. When the kids are playing outside as the sun starts to tuck behind the horizon and I glance their way and see their hair perfectly outlined with the sun, I pause. When I walk outside to empty the trash and I see the full moon’s reflection displayed on the pool, I pause.

Light tells me a story, and I can’t help but pause. I’m grateful for these moments. They’re usually quick and a small fraction of the time I’m near a camera. But for me these moments are tender.