On Friday, I had the opportunity to listen to a message from our prophet, Russell M Nelson, on the healing power of gratitude. It was short and simple, but it settled deep within me. We talk a lot this time of year about gratitude and giving thanks but sometimes if falls a little short. Perhaps a little rehearsed. Maybe forced. We feel as though we need to show gratitude because it’s the time of year.

But his message suggested showing gratitude as a prescription for so many ailments that are facing us right now: COVID, racism, political unrest, financial troubles…the list could go on and on. Life has seemed heavier than normal this year and gratitude can help us face the heaviness.

I enjoyed this quote: “Over my nine and a half decades of life, I have concluded that counting our blessings is far better than recounting our problems. No matter our situation, showing gratitude for our privileges is a fast-acting and long-lasting spiritual prescription. Does gratitude spare us from sorrow, sadness, grief and pain? No, but it does soothe our feelings. It provides us with a greater perspective on the very purpose and joy of life.”

I’m not sharing gratitude to show some amazing life. I’m sharing gratitude as a prescription for peace, contentment and happiness.

Today, I am grateful for technology.

Yes, it comes with its challenges, but my life is significantly improved because advancements in technology. I have benefited from efficiencies and opportunities that were not available a generation ago. The way I work, grocery shop, see doctors and educate children is directly related to advancements in technology. And it just keeps getting better!