Like most things this year, Halloween was just a little different than what we’re used to.

We’re used to class parties, parades, neighborhood parties and fun coordinating costumes – but not in 2020.

Our neighborhood started the discussion a couple of weeks ago whether or not people were planning on trick or treating. The majority of people were in favor of a modified experience. We applied for permits to shut down our neighborhood streets to vehicle traffic so kids could spread out and walk in the road. We encouraged neighbors to pass out candy from their driveways so kids could social distance. And some even got creative in the way they passed that candy out.

I had planned on doing fun costumes, but when everything was cancelled, I didn’t want to waste a fun costume idea. Not to mention, Hunter had a soccer game Halloween early evening on the other side of town (who is in charge of scheduling??) so we knew we would be pulling up with very little time to get out the door.

Hunter stepped up and suggested they go the easy route and have all of them dress as Arizona sports figures (he was just wanting to dress up as a football player and he got everyone on board).

Briggs was originally going to be an ASU fan – because he is a legit ASU fan in real life. Last minute, I found the gorilla costume in our attic and we found a suns jersey. For some odd reason, this is the suns mascot. I have no idea why they use a gorilla, but they do and Briggs couldn’t be happier as their mascot.

Cannon went as a diamondbacks player. Not one of our kids has played baseball, but we did just finish watching the world series so baseball has been on the brain.

Bennett would choose nothing but the Phoenix Rising soccer team. He loves soccer and wanted to represent.

Hunter is the whole reason for the theme this year because he wanted to be a cardinals football player. Really, he just wants to be a football player and this is the as close as he’ll probably get.

Hallie went as a cheerleader from the local high school. All of her friends are dancers and cheerleaders and for one night, she got to play the part.

Steve and I participated, although were not pictured. Steve was a referee and I was the ASU fan that Briggs decided to give up on. We ended up having a great time, it was just really different – it just never quite felt like Halloween. I think all the extra things that were cancelled this year help build an excitement for the day that just was a little lacking this year. I’ve always loved Halloween, but this year it made me realize that trick-or-treating is probably my least favorite events of the Halloween season, and it just so happens it was the only thing that wasn’t cancelled. What can you do, its 2020!