We were cleaning out a closet when I came across the the familiar pink garment bag.

A garment bag that has traveled with me from Rexburg to Wisconsin to Arizona and never opened.

It always gets shoved in the most convenient closet and forgotten about.

Most recently it resided in Bennett’s closet. And he was ready to reclaim his space so he asked that I move it. The kids curiosity was peaked when I told them it was my wedding dress. Of course they demanded that I try it on for them. (Why does it feel weird to put your wedding dress back on!?! It felt so familiar and yet oddly uncomfortable!)

You want to know what was even more uncomfortable? Letting Hallie try it on!

Steve was pretty weirded out. I’m sure seeing your daughter try on wedding dresses at any age leaves you with a lump in your throat. It was no different for Hallie. She’s been feeling a lot more grown up to us lately (high school tends to have that effect on kids) and this was icing on the cake.

I’ve totally looked forward to and embraced every new stage with open arms. This is not a stage I’m welcoming with open arms anytime soon!!

The dress is back in the pink garment bag and is now residing in the back of my closet until I can find a better closet to pawn it off to. Part of me is wondering why in the world I have hung on to it this long – the other part figures if I’ve held on to it this long, might as well keep it a little longer!