If I ever have a child that wants to get married the week before Christmas – I will use my strongest persuasive powers to convince them of another time.

We just celebrated 17 years and we have found over the years that life is busy the week before Christmas especially with five kids! We have struggled to celebrate with much fanfare when there is so much going on. But this year, we made it work and I’m so glad we did.

Our lives are busy and heavily revolve around the humans we have created and we love the life we’re building. But it’s also really great to have uninterrupted time with just the two of us. Conversations that pushed late into the night: We talked about us, the kids, work, our home and just about everything else under the sun. I know I posted about Steve just a couple weeks ago in my #GiveThanks posts – but he is my balance and our time together makes that more clear.

Usually that alone time is when the kids are in school in between work calls, or a late night grocery run or in this case, a night away – we fit it in whenever we can.

I enjoy any and all time I get to plan and strategize our lives together.