I have attended this Christmas program for 8 years – 2 times each with all four of my boys. And this was the first year that it’s ever been held outside, half the class size, limited number of guests (with seating distanced) and no special holiday treats.

The only thing that resembled the program we are used to is the massive amount of costume changes! (I was a parent helper executing the changes after each song and it is no small task!!) And even though it was different – Briggs still woke up, excitedly put on his shirt and declared this the best day ever and he sang his little heart out.

His teacher is retiring after this year (after teaching this preschool for 30 years) so this was the ending of a Christmas program era for her – they went out with a bang.

Just like his shirt says…he’s my favorite little deer. Hard to believe my preschool Christmas program days are complete.